With all the craziness swirling around us today, the Ballyard Academy is leaning on the side of optimism.

We are planning on continuing to meet ballplayers for lessons.  We are maintaining heightened cleaning standards and policies at this point.

However, if you have any sicknesses where you would normally stay home from work or school, please call or text me at (630) 217-0039 to let me know.  If you would rather skip a lesson, I respect the decision, but ask for as much notice as possible to plan ahead.

Mark Hayward: 630-217-0039

    The Ballyard Academy has travel teams this fall and next summer.  Tryouts for 2020 will be announced. 

 No fancy helmets, bat bags etc. Just good clean baseball, plus a little blood, sweat and tears. Mark is in his 53rd consecutive year of baseball through playing, coaching and teaching. 

     Bob Gaedele is running one of the team's; he was a travel director in Arlington Heights and his son Kyle was drafted in the 6th round by the San Diego Padres.

     Steve Lutz was the travel director of Glen Ellyn and a part of Hilltopper baseball.

Work hard At The Yard





   Mark Hayward offers private one-on-one lessons covering all aspects of hitting.   He pitches overhand in the tunnel for game situation batting practice.  He also emphasizes mechanics off the tee. 

You can also rent one or more of our tunnels and do your own pitching.






The Ballyard also has a large area for fielding, throwing and sliding practice.  Perfect for flip drills, lead-off instruction,  and point and throw mechanics.  Also good for team instruction or meetings.  

Ask about our one-on-one fielding practice sessions







The Ballyard has a regulation turfed rubber mound for pitching instruction.  Great for balance and accuracy.   Good for all ages since tunnel with mound can handle 40' to 60' 6." You can bring a catcher or throw into a net with the strike zone highlighted.


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